2018 Damien s'engage - Xavier Choudens - Homme Ivre


2013 CRIME OF OMISSION - by Marcio Darocha, Production Efata movies - in the character of Nazim
CIAO GOOD LIFE - Singer in Clip of Sofiane - production "6th sense" and MNI - main character
Link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zwNRwJme1JI
THE SILENT KILLER - by Hasan Vural, production "The fantasists" - main character - the killer -
Link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HV8pvp66SV0
« AU BORD DU LEMAN » (THE EDGE OF GENEVA) - Feature Film Director RONI CAN VESAR (Production VESAR FILM main-character, Emre Production - Swiss Shooting (expected 2014 en screen).
Link to the trailer : http://youtu.be/vuW-lpTvkh4
2011 JULIE LESCAUT, episode N. 96, - The confession" episode directed by Christian BONNET, Abdel Zebdi character.
« PARMI NOUS » ("AMONG U.S.") - Feature-film from Clement Cogitore (Kazak PROD) - Amin, main character
-5th European Grand Prix winner of the first films -Nomination for Best Film International Short Film Festival 2012 in Villeurbanne (France) -Nomination for Best Film International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand 2012 (France) -Nomination for Best Film International Festival of Short Film Elves 2012 (France) -Nomination best festival film short film of Vila do Conde - 2011 (Portugal)-Prize of the City of Vevey at the Festival of Visual Arts in 2010 Vevey (Switzerland) -Official Selection of the International Short Film Festival 2011 in Belo Horizonte official-selection of international short film festival 2011 "the cabina" (Spain)
2010 LE LIBRE ARBRITRE - CM M.Bouabid and M.Mendy - Yanis, leading role
Best Film Generation International Festival 2010 short -Price-generation of public international festival short edit of 2010 National
Clip Jessica Palud for singer Lennox - character : The Devil
2008 WELCOME - Feature-film from Phillipe Lioret (NORTHWEST PROD)- - Mirko
Prix Lumière 2010: Best Film. -Caesar the 2010 film: 10 nominations
LE GRAND JOUR - (THE BIG DAY) CM Baveganth Jeyakumar (FEMIS PROD) character of the Director
VODKA PAMPLEMOUSSE - (VODKA GRAPEFRUIT) CM Renaud Lefèvre (KUIV PROD)- character - pokerplayer


2012 CHEBA - (Legato films, France)
Prévention sécurité routière - Quad Production, France
2011 POUR DJAMILA - Barjac Production, France)
2008 VODKA PAMPLEMOUSSE - Kuiv Production France
WELCOME - (lining football player , Nord-Ouest Production, France)


2011 TRAHISON - (TREASON) of Subasi Murat at the Palais des Congrès, Montreuil - France
2008 DEUX FRERES - (TRWO BROTHERS) of Subasi Murat at the Palais des Congrès, Montreuil – France, character Agit


2009 « DEUX FRERES » (TWO BROTHERS) - directed by Murat Subasi (Palais des Congrès, Montreuil)
2008 WELCOME - directed by Philippe Lioret (NORTHWEST PROD) - Coach for actor Selim Akgul (Anatolian famous actor)


2007-2010 Cours Florent EUROPEAN ACTING SCHOOL (Paris,) obtaining price Olga Horstig -
2006-2007 First year of studies in Performing Arts at the University of Nanterre (Nanterre, 92) -
2005-2006 Academy of laughter (Paris, 75001) -
2006 Bachelor of Technology Option STT - Lycée Jean Moulin (Le Blanc Mesnil, 93)

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